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What? My taste is not whats messed up here! ]>:I Rude!


My name is ILAS. And I'm from a village close to a big mountain, Mt. Ebott.

I lived there all my life, with my mommy and daddy, and my big brother.

The toy knife was my brother's, he gave it to me for safe keeping, till our parents loved each other again.

I was PATIENT, but they never came back...

I was mad and sad, so I ran away to Mt. Ebott, till I could see my big brother again.

But I dropped the knife in a hole, scared, I tried to reach for it.

I fell in after it, instand.

I fell and fell, till I landed in a small patch of beautiful yellow flowers.The same ones that my brother used to read to me about.

I was so scared, that I was crying out for my dad.

But instand, a nice lady appeared from deeper inside the cave.

She lead me to her home, and baked me a pie. One like mommy's.

Nice and warm, but not home. I asked her that I wanted to go back. She started to cry, and begged me to stay, where it is safe.

I walked through the doors, so I can see my brother again...

But I fell into another hole, one I couldn't get out of again. One where no one could hear me.

I started to float, float like I was a bird. So I flew in deeper, till I found a man in black and white.

He was nice, but creepy. The kind my parents warn my to stay away from. He had a jar and he hesitated to open it. He said something that I couldn't understand, and he opened it.

My last thoughts were of a large horned man, a thought of that nice lady came to mind...

The rest was fussy, as I was trapped in a sleep of both happy and peaceful dreams.

I awoke, to see a kid just like me. But not, we was now apart of something big and scary.

We cryed out to the boy to run, but no sound came.

But we did hear the kid's.

With a quiet patience, he waited, till we acted. We reached out, with many different hands, with many things that we cared about.

We helped him grow stronger and stronger, till he was on par with the monster, with US.

With patience we waited, and broke out, once the monster stopped playing fair.

We, he, I won...

But soon after, ... I forgot the rest.... sorry brother. I'm so sorry.
Cyan Soul
This may be full of spoilers if you haven't played the game, or at the very least finished it at least once.

This is sort of my own head canon for what happened to the soul that had the Toy Knife and the Faded Ribbon. I haven't truly written anything for awhile, so please comment on what you think about this. Or at the very least, thank you for reading this mess.

So I hope I have the categories right.

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
Guardain of my halls by machmaste
Guardain of my halls
Something I did last year in my first block class, which I think was the last day of school.

I gave it to the teacher because she liked it...

yay more of my free style poetry crap.
Entwining of Souls by machmaste
Entwining of Souls
Properly pretty obvious, what this is from. And spoilers are inbound.

Definitely going to try something with this one, as I felt pretty good at the end(or middle) result.
A well Respected Man by machmaste
A well Respected Man
First drawing of the year, yay.

Was listening to a song from The Kinks with the same name. And just realized that I didn't have a mark on it...

I also may remove this for a better version later.
Merry Christmas from my psyche by machmaste
Merry Christmas from my psyche
A bunch of characters of mine, that are pretty much my personification of some of my inner workings of my mine. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate on this day, just have a happy day and time.

Athe, Wrath: Has great flaming hair.
Insan Nity, Insanity: Pretty good at sewing.
Reas Nity, Sanity: This is not his true form.
Inno, Innocence: The short one, with the baby sheep head shirt.
Femin, Feminity: Somewhat girly, can probably kick your ass.
?, possibly Random, though it is a kunai that was given life via magic... also it can apparently sing too....
Sculas, Masculinity: looks like a humanoid bear thing...
Ion?, Depression: Yes, that is a slay bell connected to a floating noose.

More information later when I post the original drawing of them. Hope you enjoy the pic. ]:*) Have a holiday star nose!


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FuN? ]>:)

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